Naibrook Birmans (member of the QFA)

Breeding good quality birmans for temperament and cuddles!


The Birman is a color-pointed cat with long, silky hair that does not mat. Its pure white feet are one of its most striking features, setting it apart from the other breeds commonly confused with it, such as the Himalayan, Balinese, and Siamese. Ideally the Birman should be a large, strongly built cat, with males greatly outweighing the females. Its large, blue, almost round eyes set in a round face with a Roman nose gives it its sweet expression.

They com colour being on the face, ears, legs and tail (the points) with a contrasting lighter body colour.  Colours being Seal, Blue, Lilac, Chocolate, Red, Cream, Tortie in variety of colours and Tabby.

The Birman is intelligent, inquisitive, charming, playful, and very people orientated.  Very loyal and loves to talk.  The Birman just neads a good groom once a week and you are set to be purrred upon:)